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Rosen Method Movement

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What is Rosen Method Movement? 

Both the movement work and the bodywork in Rosen Method are about bringing optimal function back to the body and moving with ease. Both are also about becoming more self aware and embodied. 


The movement work was based on Marion Rosen’s physical therapy practice as early as 1956. At that time she had clients who were asking her for exercises they could do at home to keep from getting reinjured. 


As she gave out these exercises they developed into group classes to music that were designed to warm up the body and move every joint in the body. This happens in 5 different sections throughout class with different supporting rhythms. 


The movements are incorporated with a lot of pauses because the pauses are just as important as the movement. We need tension to move through space, but we also need pause and relaxation so that we have the full potential of the movement. In our culture with everyone doing, doing, doing that relaxation part of the cycle doesn’t happen enough, and so in the movement classes there is a lot of emphasis allowing yourself to let go into gravity, and to not rush past awarenesses.

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Who is Rosen Method Movement for?

Rosen Method Movement is really for anyone who wants to move with greater freedom and awareness. Movement classes can also support an individual's transformative process from the one-on-one bodywork sessions. 

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Class schedule

I currently run a Rosen Movement class every Friday at 9 am PT. To learn more or to sign up for the class, please email me at with the subject line: movement class. 

Classes are offered on a sliding scale from $10 to $20 per class. 


I am so grateful for the work that I have received from Meg. Before I came in for a Rosen Method session, I was struggling with severe anxiety and stress. I was disconnected from myself, and I was very overwhelmed. I was not sleeping, and I was struggling with many physical symptoms.

I booked a session with Meg, because I felt so disconnected from myself. It took me some time to unwind my thoughts. Meg approached me with kindness and gentleness while she worked with my body and helping me get in touch with myself. I felt like we were both listening to my body to reveal places where I was stuck. By the time I left, I felt reunited with myself. I was able to step back into compassion and acceptance for myself and the results were lasting. I still feel more in touch with what is really happening for me and less closed to the world and to those I love most.

Angela T.
Early Childhood Teacher, Santa Barbara

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