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About Meg Butler

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Meg Butler


Certified Rosen Method Practitioner

Rosen Method Introductory  Teacher  

Certified  Rosen  Method  Bodywork  Teacher

Certified Rosen Movement Teacher

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How I came to do this work

Everyone has different life experiences that help to create who we are and the tension in our body tells our story. This is part of my story.

I was left six times by my major care givers in the first eight years of my life. I lost my dad twice when my parents separated, reconciled, and then divorced. I lost my mom when she died — I was six, and I lost three sets of guardians that my father hired to take care of me and my siblings while he lived elsewhere.

These experiences left me feeling unlovable and overly responsible. I wondered what was wrong with me that no one wanted to take care of me.

That the people in my life could not see the pain I was feeling added another layer of hurt.

To numb pain I was feeling, and to be accepted, I began to hide my feelings so that people would stay.

Of course, at 8 years of age, I was not aware I was making these decisions. It is just what I did to survive.

These coping strategies profoundly effected the way I allowed myself to love and trust. By early adulthood, I had managed to travel pretty far away from my true self.

It has been the journey home that I consider the gift of my life; it has involved feeling all my feelings and Rosen Method Bodywork has been a huge part of that process.

Rosen Method helped me make the connection between the hard place behind my heart (muscle tension) and the physical barrier I had created in my body to protect my heart from being hurt again. Unfortunately, until I made this awareness, the cost of that protection was that I was unable to allow intimacy.

Through my work with psychotherapists and Rosen Method, I have been able to let go of much of my unconscious physical tension (my protection), reconnect with my feelings, and to grieve the losses in my life.

Grieving the losses of my life has helped me discover what is important to me, and letting go of the extra effort (unconscious muscle tension) in my body that I used to contain my feelings has translated to more ease in my life. The energy that I used to hold my tension is now available to more easily move toward what is meaningful to me.

Knowing what is important to me has helped to guide my choices in life, reach for what I want, and, therefore, has brought more meaning into my whole life.

I have deepened my capacity for intimacy in all of my relationships leading to much more satisfaction in my life, and my clients tell me that this happens for them as well.

When we feel our feelings, we can connect to the things and people that are important to us and we can move toward what is important to us bringing more meaning into our lives. Our feelings become a precious gift when we stop hiding and let ourselves be seen.

I began my Rosen Method Bodywork training in 1994 with an Introductory Rosen Method Bodywork workshop in Santa Monica, took two years of course work through Rosen Method  – the Berkeley Center (1995-1997) and started seeing clients in my internship in 1998. I became a Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner in 2001.

I am a Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Teacher, Rosen Method Introductory Workshop Teacher, Certified Rosen Method Movement Teacher, and a member of Rosen Method: The Berkeley Center faculty. 

Prior to becoming a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner I studied and earned a BA in Aquatic Biology at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and I practiced and taught massage therapy in Santa Barbara.

I live with my husband and two children in Santa Barbara.

I work with clients in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. 

Still have questions about if Rosen Method is a good fit for you? I offer a free consultation phone call. 

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I am so grateful for the work that I have received from Meg. Before I came in for a Rosen Method session, I was struggling with severe anxiety and stress. I was disconnected from myself, and I was very overwhelmed. I was not sleeping, and I was struggling with many physical symptoms.

I booked a session with Meg, because I felt so disconnected from myself. It took me some time to unwind my thoughts. Meg approached me with kindness and gentleness while she worked with my body and helping me get in touch with myself. I felt like we were both listening to my body to reveal places where I was stuck. By the time I left, I felt reunited with myself. I was able to step back into compassion and acceptance for myself and the results were lasting. I still feel more in touch with what is really happening for me and less closed to the world and to those I love most.

Angela T.
Early Childhood Teacher, Santa Barbara

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